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Hart Memorial Primary School, Portadown


Hello and Welcome to P1AE - Mrs Agnew and Mrs Eakin

We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun activities we get up to in P1AE.



30th Nov 2023
29th Nov 2023
We have been learning about Nocturnal Animals in World Around Us as part of our Light & Dark topic.  We read the story Owl Babies and completed some lovely pieces of work on this, including some Owl Baby craft. We used pastels to create the grassy branches and then dipped a Pom Pom in the paint to create our fluffy owls.  When this was dry we added orange feet with paint, some material, eyes, nose and star stickers. 
24th Nov 2023

Today we took our numeracy lesson outdoors for a carousel of number activities. We used natural materials to make our numbers, practised our number formation on chalk boards, made sets for numbers 1-6, played number ladders and beanbag toss.

22nd Nov 2023
This term we have been doing Gymnastics in our Healthy Kidz sessions.  The children have shown real progression and are really enjoying this aspect of P.E.
17th Nov 2023
This week we have enjoyed learning about nocturnal animals and making clay hedgehogs. We rolled, pinched and moulded our clay into a hedgehog shape before adding wooden matchstick spines and googly eyes. We then finished off our hedgehogs with brown paint and a sprinkle of glitter. 
10th Nov 2023
We have been looking at the book ‘Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see?’ within our literacy lessons this week. During our art lesson, we used forks to paint the fur on our brown bear and then printed ears, before adding facial features using a variety of materials.
27th Oct 2023
Today we enjoyed coming to school in our Halloween costumes. We read Winnie the Witch and made Halloween masks. We also enjoyed doing our Golden Mile, made all the more spooky with the fog and costumes! 
26th Oct 2023
We are pleased to announce that P1AE achieved an award for highest class attendance this month. 
26th Oct 2023
Congratulations to our Good To Be Green prize winner this term! 
26th Oct 2023
Well done to our Celebration Certificate winners for the month of October in P1AE.
18th Oct 2023

As it is Autumn and there are lots of apples about at this time of year, we have been thinking all about apples this week. We talked about where apples come from and the difference between apples you might eat as a snack and cooking apples.  

Then we conducted a little experiment to see what the apples might taste like cooked and what happens to them.  We tasted our stewed apples on biscuits and a little cream.

We also looked at the artist Paul Czeanne, famous for painting pictures of apples. We completed our beautiful art work which will be on display in our classroom for all to see. 

13th Oct 2023
Today we did 2 laps of our school for our first Friday Golden Mile. We walked the first lap and ran the second. The children thoroughly enjoyed this, but they were also very tired by the end! 😄
12th Oct 2023
Have a look at the variety of fun activities we enjoyed outdoors today!
6th Oct 2023

What better way to finish off our week on learning all about the letter ‘P’, than with a class party? All week the children have been party planning and making lists. We have been busy writing invitations during literacy, writing about our ages in numeracy, designing birthday cakes, party placemats and party hats during play-based learning and yesterday we decorated biscuits. Today we put up balloons and set our tables for eating our party food. Then we had lots of fun playing party games and revising our sounds. Learning is fun! Today was a fantastic celebration too of how well our children have settled in to Primary 1! 

6th Oct 2023
This week in Primary 1, as part of our Global Learning lesson on ‘World Hunger’, we had a ‘Porridge Party’. This was in association with Mary’s Meals, a charity which serves school meals to children living in some of the world’s poorest countries. In Milawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Mary’s Meals serve children mugs of vitamin-enriched porridge to help them learn and grow. Through pupil donations, we were able to raise money to help Mary’s Meals feed a child every day for a school year. This was an amazing opportunity for our children to learn about the importance of helping others.