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Hart Memorial Primary School, Portadown

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19th Apr 2024
Our boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed mixing together a variety of fresh fruits, herbs and flowers to make wonderful smelling perfumes and potions! Some fantastic descriptive language used within play.
19th Apr 2024
Please find a letter from the Board of Governors/Principal regarding the school uniform.

Following concerns from parents, staff and governors, it has been decided to conduct a review of the current uniform. Please read the accompanying letter carefully and have your say using the link included here and in the letter.
19th Apr 2024
We worked with chalk pastels today to create all or a section of the Titanic. The results are amazing! 
19th Apr 2024
Well done to our Mathletics Certificate winners➖➕✖️➗.

Deivid was our Healthy Kidz Star
19th Apr 2024
Miss Croskery led our assembly today. She talked about the importance of being kind and how we can ‘colour our world with kindness’. 
18th Apr 2024

We were very privileged to have Stuart Reid in school to speak at the KS2 assembly. Stuart motivated everyone with his enthusiasm for reading books and writing creatively. The children had so much fun, whilst also gaining superb knowledge from our visitor.

17th Apr 2024
We have been looking at Spring flowers, in particular daffodils.  The children labelled the various parts of a daffodil in their World Around Us books.  Today, we completed an observational painting of some fresh daffodils. The vases were brightly coloured using pencils and we carefully added the daffodils.  Our paintings created a beautiful display for our P1 corridor.
17th Apr 2024
Our topic this term is Transport. We have been learning about different ways to get from a to b.
We used silky pastels to create a smudgy effect on our cars. The children had lots of fun doing this!
We are going to create a display board with all our cars, bumper to bumper!
16th Apr 2024
As you will know, smoking is not permitted on school property at any time. Please note, this also applies to vaping.  Please ensure all collectors - parents, grandparents etc know this.   If you are waiting for pupils and need to vape, this should be done outside of the school premises.  
Thank you.  
15th Apr 2024
Wendy and Leanne from the Livestock & Meat Commission came to visit P5D today. They showed the children how to cook a lovely meal using beef mince. All of the boys and girls enjoyed tasting the ‘Tikka Beef’ that Wendy made. The children also learnt about the different farms around Northern Ireland that breed cows and sheep. This linked well with the current WAU topic - Farming.