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Hart Memorial Primary School, Portadown


Welcome to P5DK - Mrs Davison and Mrs Kinghan


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19th Oct 2022

P5DK made their very own canonic jars.

4th Oct 2022

P5DK really enjoy Healthy Kidz with coach Steve. 

4th Oct 2022

P5DK had a very special visitor all the way from Ancient Egypt. She taught the children about everyday life and showed them some of the things that would have been used back then. The children had a VERY enjoyable morning. 

21st Sep 2022

P5DK had fun building pyramids, searching for artefacts and wrapping their friends up as part of the mummification process. 

16th Sep 2022

During Numeracy today, the children worked in groups to solve a variety of problem solving tasks. Firstly, they listened to the problem from Abacus on the interactive whiteboard. Then they had to use the IZAK9 cubes to solve each of the problems. Here are some photos to show what the children did.